Yesterday afternoon, gas company workers successfully sealed a leak in a natural gas line located south of the Storke Family Housing complex.

Southern California Gas Company personnel stopped the leak at about 1:15 p.m. after the incident was first reported around 11 a.m., when construction workers had inadvertently severed the line. Santa Barbara County Fire officials, UC Police Dept. officers, gas company workers and officials from UCSB Physical Facilities all responded to the scene, with fire officials requesting that Storke residents evacuate the area and residents in nearby communities remain indoors.

Officials also called for anyone in the vicinity experiencing dizziness to immediately leave the area. All evacuation orders were lifted once the gas break was sealed and nearby residents were permitted to leave their homes.

As gas workers will continue to remain in the area until permanent repairs are finished, some Storke residents may experience ongoing interruptions in gas service.

The Storke Family Housing complex, located off of Storke Road in Goleta, provides housing to UCSB students with families.