Renowned Los Angeles DJ Flying Lotus will per- form at Storke Plaza this Saturday night as the featured artist for this year’s annual Welcome Back Concert.

The concert will rage from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. and admission is limited to UCSB students, who must show ACCESS cards upon entrance. Associated Students Program Board, which is hosting the event, has yet to announce the show’s opening act.

ASPB Special Events Coordinator Zoë Poff- Turjacanin said Flying Lotus’s experimental sound will expose the campus to genres of music that are unlike those of past performers. “I’m stoked that FlyLo is performing this Saturday,”

Turjacanin said. “Last year, I booked Big Sean and Kill the Noise, which catered more to the mainstream hip-hop and electronic audience. I am excited to have something different this year; he is not your average DJ.”

Students should expect an exciting display of talent and musicianship, according to Turjacanin.

“Be prepared for Storke Plaza to be completely amped over FlyLo’s crafty blend of classic hip-hop samples with his original raw material,” Turjacanin said. “The energy will be pumped up.”

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