The UCSB University Center recently opened a new computer lab on the ground floor across from Nicoletti’s Coffeehouse.

The new lab features 24 brand new 23-inch monitors connected through a Dell Wyse system that eliminates the need for larger individual CPUs. The decision to add the new computers was made in response to the supposed inadequacy of the current third floor lab, according to UCen Interim Director Gary Lawrence. Lawrence estimated that the project cost somewhere between $35,000 and $40,000.

Fourth-year biopsychology major Tessy Kaufmann said she hopes the new computers will work better than the current ones available on the third floor.

“I think adding new computers is a really good idea because the current computers are really old and really slow,” Kaufmann said.

Lawrence said he hopes to bring about a number of additional changes for the UCen but plans have not yet been solidified.

“We had a change in leadership and it felt like it was time to make a statement,” Lawrence said. “There has been a lot of discussion lately about where we would like to see the Ucen going, but none of it has really crystallized yet.”

— Staff Report