Beyond the doors of UCSB dining commons, buffets are non-existent in the streets of Isla Vista. Perhaps it is for the better; a buffet in Isla Vista would be a jungle of penniless students scrambling to devour as much food as humanly possible and sneaking out with a plateful as well. Luckily, there is an all-you-can-eat buffet not too far away. The oasis that is Ming Dynasty is located on Storke Rd. next to Kmart.

Ming Dynasty has a wide variety of Mandarin, Sichuan and Hunan cuisine as well as Mongolian barbecue. The buffet has a selection of seafood, meat, vegetables, egg- rolls, chow mein and fried rice. There is something to satisfy everybody’s cravings. The Mongolian barbecue is an experience in itself. Customers can pick and choose meats, vegetables, noodles and sauces and watch the chef cook it all to a steamy perfection. Most importantly, it is ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT! The trays are constantly being filled with fresh food to keep up with the bottomless stomachs of UCSB students.

If you are looking to get the most bang for your buck, Ming Dynasty is the place to go. The buffet and barbecue are only $9.95 for lunch and $13.95 for dinner. The servers are friendly and accommodating as well. Customers are greeted by friendly waiters and their water is refilled as soon as they take a sip. For those too busy studying and writing final papers at home to go out, Ming Dynasty will even deliver to you in I.V.

Make sure to go hungry and wear your food pants when you go to Ming Dynasty, because you won’t leave any plates unfinished.