The Greater Santa Barbara Ice Skating Association recently received a $350,000 grant from local attorney Christina Djernaes and the Kind World Foundation to fund the development of a new ice rink in Goleta.

The “Ice in Paradise” campaign will seek additional funding to move forward with the project despite current financial constraints; as a result, GSBISA has not yet released details regarding the structural design of the rink. Developers submitted a construction blueprint to the city Design Review Board for approval on May 8 although no verdict has been announced.

According to DRB member Carl Schneider, the board reviewed the initial ice rink proposal last spring but rejected it on the grounds that it lacked sufficient information about the project’s execution.

“The first time we reviewed it, it was rather plain — a majority of the board position was that it was too plain,” Schneider said. ”The [plan] was not detailed appropriately to a level that we would approve it.”

The rink is set to be built on a 1.3 acre plot of land next to Girsh Park and Camino Real Marketplace. Schneider said despite budget constraints, the new facility will feature thematic décor to emphasize the association’s commitment to public service and entertainment.

“We hope that some of that [fun] will be expressed on the outside in some form or fashion,” Schneider said.

The DRB is scheduled to meet with architects and rink developers today to discuss the overall design concept.

Pending permit approval, the association plans to break ground in late 2012 and have the rink open for business by 2013.

UCSB Ice Skating Club President Sarah Feldman said she hopes the rink’s proximity to campus will encourage closer ties between students and the greater skating community.

“[The rink] will be a huge benefit for everyone with ice skating and increase in members, skaters and overall activities,” Feldman said. “Also, [the rink] will allow more interactive events and bring members and students to the rink for rink-related activities such as disco night, and it will allow students to be coaches to expand the skater base.”