Health and fitness website Greatist. com ranked UCSB one of the top 25 healthiest colleges in the country, cit- ing wellness services such as its unique Rec Center classes and extensive student health care coverage.

The site listed UCSB 15th for its wide range of Student Health services, includ- ing free alcohol and drug counseling, psychiatric care, nutritional services and physical therapy. The UC-wide health care services — covering dental, vision and dermatological care — also played a significant role in the campus’ ranking.

The list included universities such as UCLA, Stanford and the United States Military Academy at West Point. The website also recognized UCSB for its selection of vegan and vegetarian options in dining halls and the Rec Cen’s non- physical health activities, including pot- tery classes.

In a statement released last Thursday, Student Health Services Director Mary Ferris said Student Health strives to provide emergency medical care on top of preventative wellness and fitness ser- vices.

“We’re really proud of being such a comprehensive health center,” Ferris said in a press release. “It’s hard to get credit for preventative care — you don’t hear too much about it — so we are really excited by this ranking. We know we have such a great student health service, but we don’t get a lot of publicity. So we are very proud to be recognized as a leader in the nation, and we take a lot of credit for that.”

The university also posts nutritional information on the dining services’ web- site and smartphone app NetNutrition to help students make healthy food choices. Additionally, UCSB offers electronic medical records and online appointment scheduling at Student Health.

Additional campus stress-reduction services include free massages, free yoga during finals and the Wellness Collaborative’s quarterly Dog Therapy Day during Dead Week.

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