A.S. Legislative Council discussed the UC Board of Regents’ tax initiative to restructure the UC Office of the President’s funding model during this week’s meeting.

The tax requires that the UCs pay a 1.69 percent fee on all revenue-earning finances including student lock-in fees. Leg Council created an ad hoc committee to construct the campus’ response to the new tax and ensure students’ fees are not taxed for services that do not directly benefit them.

According to Executive Director Marisela Marquez, the preliminary analysis of the UCOP tax was that student fees should not be levied in this context.

“We shouldn’t move forward until we know where that money should come from,” Marquez said. “Every day we’re spending those dollars, and we have to eventually pay this tax.”

Marquez said it is unclear how the organization will compile the money.

“We could collectively pay, since all the dollars that pass through this association go on to fund other clubs and programs,” Marquez said. “The other way to do it is essentially only collectively pay for this cycle, and next time just take off from the top, and pass on the rest.”

Marquez also said weighing a tax on the funds from previous years and current lock-in fees is potentially illegal.

“All of those changes mandate that you add them into legal code; as far as I know there is nothing in there that talks about how to pay these taxes,” Marquez said. “What are the minimums, maximums? As far as my job is concerned, my job description does not allow me to do that.”