CrossFit Pacific Coast will host a women’s self-defense seminar on Saturday, Apr. 21 to help educate women about situational awareness, physical techniques and verbal defense.

Martial arts and personal security specialists Traver Boehm and Miguel De Costa will teach participants various verbal and physical techniques to help identify and avoid potentially dangerous situations.

Boehm said his experience as a bodyguard and professional fighter helps him empower women, giving them the capability to protect themselves.

“What we wanted to do was design a program that not only covered the realistic aspects of the physicality of a violent encounter, but how the hell do you avoid it?” Boehm said.

CrossFit Kids Program Director Christina Luciano said the class helped boost her confidence level and situational awareness — traits she utilized during a recent harassment situation with an inappropriate man in a local coffee shop.

“At that point I turned around and in the loudest voice I could I said, ‘I am serious, I told you to leave me the fuck alone,’” Luciano said. “He definitely left me alone.”

According to Boehm, being verbally proactive in a potentially dangerous situation can help significantly decrease the risk of a physical attack.

Boehm hopes to offer the event at least once per month. There are 15 spaces available for the April course, priced at $95 per person. For more information or to register for the seminar, call (805) 845-4171.