The UC Police Department is still searching for the suspect involved in the Feb. 5 burglary at the Santa Catalina Residence Hall’s South Tower.

The unknown perpetrator visited and stole over $5,000 worth of items including laptop computers, an iPad, a laundry basket, clothes and several blankets from multiple rooms on floors three, four and eight. An image from an elevator security camera identifies the suspect as an older male wearing a dark-colored hooded sweatshirt.

According to UC Police Department Corporal Matt Bly, the case’s lead investigator, new information on the suspect remains confidential. However, Bly said a resident reported the perpetrator entered their dorm room without taking anything.

First-year biology major Rowan Johnson, who had two computers, a laundry basket and articles of clothing stolen, said the heists highlight how easily people can steal from residents at the dorm.

“At first I was really upset but had basically thought it was my roommate’s and my fault for leaving our door unlocked,” Johnson said. “But after finding out that a bunch of people had actually seen him and that he was coming into people’s rooms, it really scared me. The fact that no one reported him and no one thought it was weird that some random older guy was here at 4 a.m. going into people’s rooms is scary.”

However, Bly said locking doors and reporting suspicious persons can prevent similar crimes from occurring.

“At not only Santa Catalina South Tower and residential halls, but also in the entire UCSB community and the entire I.V. community, the majority of our burglaries happen from suspects going through unlocked doors or open and unlocked windows,” Bly said.

Bly said students can also report any suspicious persons or behavior to resident assistants or other nearby authorities.

“At the main doors of the South Tower or any residential halls, if someone follows you in that you don’t recognize as a resident, we insist they contact their RAs,” he said. “You should be calling the Police Dept. so that we can go out there and verify that that person does in fact live there, or that they don’t.”

People with any information on the identity or location of the male subject wearing the dark-colored hooded sweatshirt are encouraged to contact UCSB PD at (805) 893-3446.