So after a nice week home and a win against Riverside on Saturday night, we’re back on the road for the next week basically. The game against Riverside didn’t go exactly as I thought it would. We came out pretty flat and basically played like shit the first half, but we managed to put together a decent second half and were able to win, which is all that matters really. Now this road trip I don’t think anyone is looking forward to. We’re driving down Tuesday afternoon, playing Wednesday night and driving back to SB after the game Wednesday night only to get back on the bus Thursday around noon to drive back down to LAX for our flight to Utah where we’re playing Utah State on Saturday night for our bracket buster game. Get back on Sunday at some time and then on Tuesday we leave for Long Beach. So it’s gonna be a long week of playing good teams and sitting around the hotel doing jack shit. Can’t believe we have to go back to Utah. Only rThis eason I want to go to Utah is to snowboard. Provo was boring as hell and I don’t have very high expectations for Logan either. Why we are driving back to SB just to go back down to LA less than 12 hours later beats the hell outta me. I suppose it’s for the guys to go to class but let’s be honest here, who is going to attend class when we’re only home for a few hours. Probably only one player and that’s Boswell who’s a mechanical engineering major, so it’s understandable. On another note this is probably the nicest winter we’ve had in SB since I’ve been up here. Knock on wood and hope it continues because it never gets old. Enjoy it while you can because it’s not gonna last forever and it being my last few months here has made me appreciate Santa Barbara even more. That’s all I got for now, gonna throw on my headphones and stare at the oil rigs and islands as we drive down the 101 with Stormin’ Norman at the wheel.