During last night’s Associated Students Finance Board meeting, the A.S. Food Bank requested an allocation of $11,300 for the upcoming 2012-13 school year.

The organization’s proposed budget includes expenses for general operation and educational campaigns, with a newly-added request for funding for honoraria. Though the food bank has also placed a lock-in fee on the Spring Elections ballot to generate supplemental funding, A.S. Food Bank Co-Chair Adrianna Alexandrian said these proceeds will only cover supplies, student salaries and keeping food in stock.

Although a food bank’s function is typically to receive donations and then distribute them to those in need, A.S. Food Bank Internal Affairs Coordinator Jennelle Fong said the group needs additional finances to cover costs other than food and food distribution.

“This fund is for the committee budget and helps the community to put on educational campaigns and spread awareness about student hunger on campus, as well as be able to [have] donations and fundraiser events,” Fong said. “Even though we are applying for the initiative fee, it does not cover the operational side. It only covers the business side, which includes the salaries of student workers and also buying food.”

According to Alexandrian, a third-year English and feminist studies major, students often have to choose to buy books over food. She said the best way to remedy this is to direct over 10 grand away from acquiring food for students.

“Our mission statement is to eradicate hunger from our campus community by providing basic necessities such as food supplies,” Alexandrian said. “The $11,300 is basically to help the committee to run educational campaigns and spread awareness about student hunger on campus, as well as be able to do donations and fundraising events.”

A.S. Food Bank Co-Chair Steven Lopez said these promotional programs will help students graduate.

“We help out retention with students in the school because it helps them out with basic necessities instead of having to live without them,” Lopez said.

The A.S. Food Bank is located on the third floor of the UCen and open Mondays and Thursdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


University Editor Erika Martin contributed to this article.