Westmont College biology professor Jeff Schloss and Biblical studies professor Tremper Longman will host a forum at 7 p.m. today in the Isla Vista Theatre to discuss evolution in relation to the biblical creation story.

The Veritas Forum — formed in 1992 at Harvard University — has branches at several universities nationwide. Schloss and Longman will raise questions regarding evolution and the teachings of Jesus Christ at today’s forum.

According to third-year philosophy and linguistics major Jonathan Groce, a member of the Alpha Gamma Omega fraternity co-sponsoring the event, the talk will help attendees explore Christianity from a different perspective.

“For me personally — and not speaking for the whole fraternity — I think their talk forum is important because it shows that the Christian worldview has intellectual backbone,” Groce said. “It allows people to think twice about dismissing it as the 21st century ‘we know better’ world.”

UCSB’s forum is sponsored by 11 professors and 13 student groups.

Groce said the forum demonstrates knowledge and faith are not mutually exclusive.

“Being really smart and Christian and knowing how the world works is not contradictory,” Groce said. “If people see that, then people have an opportunity to understand why being Christian is so important to us. It gives them an opportunity to enjoy Christianity, which we do, without having intellectual barriers get in the way.”

According to Brian Park, a first-year biology major who serves late-night Jesus Burgers on Del Playa Drive, the talk is an opportunity for students to exchange opinions and theories of creation.

“Even if you are not Christian, it should be an opportunity to get informed,” Park said. “The talk should hopefully help other Christians who might struggle with the ‘divide’ between science and religion.”