Proposition bets are fun opportunities to handicap some aspect of a game beyond the usual winner and over/under bets. A quick explanation: All the lines are based on within the context of a $100 bet. A bet of $100 on +300 (+ indicating the underdog) odds means you bet $100 to win $800. Inversely, a bet of $100 on -800 (- indicating the favorite) odds means that you’ll need to bet $800 just to win $100.

What will be the largest lead of the game by either team?

Over 13.5: -160 ; Under 13.5: +140

I will gladly take the under at +140, thank you very much. I expect a close, hard-fought game where neither team gets a two-touchdown lead.

What will the final score of the game be?

Touchdown: -240 ; Any other score: +200

Not a bad bet if you are convinced the game will be decided by a late field goal…

How many carries will Brandon Jacobs have?

Over 7.5: +105 ; Under 7.5: -125

I will gladly take the over. If Jacobs gets the ball less than eight times, helmets will be thrown, and kegs will be tapped.

How will the opening coin toss land?

Heads: -101 ; Tails: -101

Tails never fails.

How many players will attempt a pass during the game?

Over 2.5: +290 ; Under 2.5: -350

I love this bet. You know that both coaches will be emptying the playbook in this game. I’ll take the over, my guess: Hakeem Nicks.

How many times will Peyton Manning be shown on television during the game?

Over 3.5: -110 ; Under 3.5: -110

Easy money. Over by a mile, especially if commercials count.

What will the color of the Gatorade dumped on the winning coach be?

I’ll take Clear/Water at +300. H20 all the way.

Will Kelly Clarkson’s bare belly be showing when she sings the national anthem?

Yes: +300

There’s absolutely no way this is happening. Have you seen Miss Clarkson lately? For a second, I got her and Chris “Boomer” Berman mixed up in that car commercial. I guess we really know what is behind those hazel eyes … lots of ice cream. It’s not too hard now to figure out what she’s been doing since you’ve been gone … eating lots of cake. Kelly Cakeson.