The Isla Vista Foot Patrol responded to an indecent exposure, reckless driver and several alcohol-related crimes this weekend.

Deputies responded to a report on Friday near the Wells Fargo Bank on Pardall Road. According to IVFP Sgt. Mike McCoy, officers advised a male subject to cover his body to avoid arrest.

“He was contacted at Little Acorn Park,” McCoy said. “We did go out and told him he would likely be arrested if he continued to expose himself in public and someone filed a complaint.”

Officers also responded to a reckless driver Friday night on the 6500 block of Del Playa Drive. McCoy said deputies arrested the male suspect after witnesses reported the incident.

“We had a lot of people approach us and say he was driving at these unsafe speeds,” McCoy said. “He almost hit a couple of people and was dangerous to the Del Playa population.”

IVFP also handled several alcohol-related crimes throughout the weekend, citing 12 people for minors in possession, four for open containers, four for noise ordinance violations, one for public urination, one for disturbing the peace and one for possession of marijuana. Officers also arrested four people for public intoxication.