So, the line up is out, and here’s what you’ve probably been hearing:


“I’ve seen so many of these bands already …”

“Snoop and Dr. Dre? I’m gonna get so high.”


“Ugh, Florence, La Roux, Justice and the Black Keys … again?”

“If not for the two weekend bullshit, there would be way better headliners.”

“I just don’t care about Coachella anymore.”

“Not worth the money.”

“Please stop posting statuses about the Coachella line up not being worth the money.”


For those of you who are already snubbing Coachella 2012, I have some news. The lineup is not actually that unexciting. Coachella is about the experience. You’re not over the lineup. You’re over the experience.

Here’s my argument. Most of us started going to Coachella towards the end of high school and beginning of college. By now, you may have gone for two years, three years, four years or more (2012 will be my fifth year, but I have an unfair advantage being from the desert).

After enough years, it’s just not as exciting anymore. The festival is devaluated in your mind because you already know what to expect.

It’s true: that issue is increased by the fact that there are many veteran Coachella acts set to play this April. But, personally, I am thrilled to get the chance to see many of these bands again. Seeing them one time does not mean they are going to be any less awesome. Deadheads can attest to this. Granted, they were also doing a lot of drugs … But Coachella security is still pretty lax, if you want to go that route.

And hey, if the line up or the double weekend are really deal-breakers for you, that’s fine. If you need a break from Coachella, take one. Goldenvoice won’t send hit-men to your door and make you order your wristbands at gunpoint.

If you’ve already bought tickets, you can always sell them to somebody else who is still stoked on the Coachella experience — and probably also make a little extra cash in the process (especially if you have first weekend tickets — they sold out in presale, but GA Festival Pass/Shuttle Pass combos will still be available for purchase starting this Friday). Save the money for Bonnaroo, or some other event out in the woods — I don’t know.

What I am saying is, buck up, kidaroo. There’s always next year.