UCSB alumnus Chuck Haines was appointed to his alma mater’s Director of Capital Development by Chancellor Henry T. Yang last month following the retirement of previous director Martie Levy last summer.

Haines established a 22-year career in the Office of Housing and Residential Services, where he served as Resource Planning Coordinator and Director of Business and Financial Planning. However, Haines’ roots in the department date back to 1980, when he began working as a residential assistant and student custodian in Santa Rosa residence hall.

The position entails organizing and overseeing the university’s progress at every step, according to Haines.

“My job is really to help the campus work — through deciding exactly what they want each project to be, understanding what the appropriate approval steps are for that kind of project and overseeing our process of moving through with a campus approval, or even going after state funding,” Haines said.

Haines said he is excited and honored to assume the position after working closely to developing today’s campus for several years.

“While I was in housing, I helped work on the 1989 housing master plan. I was involved in developing Manzanita Village as well as San Clemente Apartments, as well as buying what is now Santa Catalina Hall. I’ve had a long history of working for student housing — either renovating housing, renovating dining commons or building new housing,” Haines said.

According to Yang, Haines will manage major renovation projects on campus on several different levels.

“In his role as Director of Capital Development, Chuck will be helping us implement our Long Range Development Plan, consulting broadly with our campus community on planning for future capital projects, and working to help secure funding from federal, state, and private sources for our capital program,” Yang said in an e-mail.

Geography professor Joel Michaelsen, who led the search advisory committee that selected Haines, said the application process was lengthy and rigorous with 50 candidates narrowed down over nine months.

Haines will excel in the position due to his extensive experience with and loyalty to the UCSB campus, Michaelsen said.

“I think the campus is very fortunate to have someone of Chuck’s caliber in the position,” Michaelsen said in an e-mail. “He has a long history with UCSB, an excellent working knowledge of the capital development process, and a deep commitment to the campus.”

Haines said he has high expectations for the university’s contributions to research and the integral role his office will play in institutional development.

“I would very say I am very optimistic about the future of UCSB,” Haines said. “We are really coming into ourselves as an institution and we are going to make the UC system proud.”