The estimated 20,000 to 25,000 partygoers in Isla Vista this weekend dwindled down Monday night as the holiday celebration came to an end.

Officers made approximately 228 arrests and issued around 230 citations Friday through Monday, with more expected once the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department finishes filing its reports. According to a SBCSD press release, county medical staff and volunteers transported an estimated 80 people to the hospital for alcohol-related instances — 50 of whom were treated in on-site EMS tents — and treated 36 people for minor injuries while responding to 40 house and 50 search and rescue calls.

According to Isla Vista Foot Patrol Lieutenant Ray Vuillemainroy, additional safety measures helped officers keep the weekend revelry under control.

“The event ran smoothly although there were several arrests and citations,” Vuillemainroy said. “For the most part students were cooperative and respectful of law enforcement.”

County officials employed 30 additional officers — 16 on Friday and Saturday, four on Sunday and 10 on Monday — as well as two DUI checkpoints to address the Halloween crowds. Additionally, local authorities restricted parking on campus, Del Playa Drive and the surrounding streets over the weekend to ensure attendees’ safety.

Third-year Computer Science major Russell Jackson said the upsurge in visitors strained Isla Vista residents.

“The worst part was the huge overland and shut down of parking everywhere for four days. It was super annoying,” Jackson said. “With all the people come all the restrictions, which definitely hurts the whole vibe in my opinion.”

However, Jackson said the holiday antics entertained attendees.

“I definitely enjoyed this year’s Halloween … the best part was watching some guy try to save his buddy from getting arrested on DP by pushing the cop,” Jackson said. “You can guess what happened next. He gets ambushed by two other cops. Who pushes a cop?”

According to fourth-year Sociology major Katherine Serdio, this year’s costumes failed to impress compared to previous years.

“I feel like they weren’t up to par this year … including myself,” Serdio said. “I stuck with a bum, nerd and rock star. I guess times are tough for college students with money and stuff so I guess it’s understandable.”

Serdio said the annual debauchery has grown monotonous for party veterans.

“Halloween in I.V. is always so built up and it’s always the same. I’m looking forward to being in a different area to dress up and not see a bunch of penises walking around. I’m ready to grow up.”