Although Halloween serves as a fine celebration for many, the weekend can take its toll.

So let’s get down to business — the word “hangover” comes from the medical term veisalgia. The first part, kveis, is a Norwegian word meaning “uneasiness following debauchery.” The second part, algia, is derived from the Greek word for pain. Although symptoms vary, the most frequently reported are: headaches, loss of appetite, nausea, fatigue and dehydration.

Interestingly, certain alcohols are more prone to cause hangovers than others. These disparities are the result of congeners, which are the byproducts produced during fermentation. Lighter alcoholic beverages tend to contain smaller amounts of these toxins than do darker-colored liquors. For instance, vodka or gin hangovers are generally less severe than those caused by red wine or whiskey.

In an experiment conducted by Thomas Jefferson University, rats were subjected to alcohol consumption and given caffeine and anti-inflammatory drugs 4 to 6 hours later. Based on the results of this study, lead researcher Michael Oshinsky has recommended the combination of coffee and aspirin for the day after your debauchery.

Some experts disagree with Oshinsky’s findings because, like alcohol, coffee often acts as a diuretic that dehydrates, so there is still some debate whether or not the treatment is reliable. Even Oshinsky was surprised by the study’s findings, considering this similarity between the culprit and supposed cure. “None of the commonly cited causes of hangovers could have caused this response,” said Oshinsky.

For smoother post-party recovery, include the intake of the following: water, electrolytes and cysteine. Plenty of water before bedtime dilutes the alcohol in your system and helps the liver metabolize the alcohol. To replenish your electrolytes, try bananas, sports drinks or coconut water. Cysteine — a non-essential amino acid found in many foods — has also been shown to aid in processing alcohol, commonly found in eggs, milk and yogurt.

To those of you who subscribe to other remedies, reconsider your actions.