If you are looking to go big and burg hard this fall, look no further than Fat Mo’s Burgers and Car Wash. Granted, the Car Wash part only comes in a few times a year to raise money for charity, but the specialized burger menu should keep you satisfied until then.

Mo’s offers a narrower range of options than many Isla Vista establishments, focusing on their weighty hamburgers. Mo Rahseparian, the counterfactually slim proprietor of Fat Mo’s, said he wanted to focus on being a burger joint first and foremost, as opposed to other IV restaurants who serve a broad variety of dishes.

Mo’s opened recently in the space between Blenders in the Grass and the former Alternative Copy Shop location on Pardall Road, after taking over the site from Flaming Grill. Though their menu has become much more focused than Flaming Grill’s, Rahseparian decided to retain the popular Boba teas.

Additionally, Mo’s offers a veggie burger, a turkey patty and a few chicken sandwich and wing options, as well as salads and desserts.

The standard fare, however, is a healthy half-pound 100 percent Angus beef burg, made on a choice of whole wheat, onion or garlic bun — delivered fresh daily from the local La Bella Rosa bakery. According to Rahseparian, his locally-baked buns and never-frozen meat set Mo’s apart from other Isla Vista burger options, especially as they are hand-made to order.

Mo’s build-a-burger system allows you to customize each order just the way you like it for a reasonably priced flat rate, although additional toppings like avocado and bacon will still cost you extra. Combos and specialty burgers — such as The Works, a bacon and pastrami cheeseburger monstrosity — run towards Isla Vista’s pricier side, but compensate with Freebirds-esque proportions.

In short, a Mo’s blowout probably is not the right choice for that end of the month ramen budget week, but is definitely the place you should take that one friend who eats everything delicately with a knife and fork — just to see them struggle — and get a tasty burger made just the way you like it in the process.