For your late night cravings this weekend, wander to 6584 DP between 8 p.m. and 2 a.m., where you will find the O Street Truck Thursday, Friday and Satur­day. The food truck is making its debut in Isla Vista this Memorial Day weekend, offering gourmet Medi­terranean, French Mexican and French Vietnamese cuisine — all for street cheap (and student-friendly) prices.

Liz Bradley, the CEO, founder and head chef of the O Street Truck, said the food resonates with the tastes of South France and the Mediterranean.

But each dish is truly a fusion of flavor.

A French colonial dish with a Vietnamese twist, banh mi has proven to be the O Street Truck’s “take­off ” item. The banh mi sandwich, especially, is known for its zip: the cha cha sauce — a secret blend of sr­iracha and mayonnaise. Sauteed beef (or chicken, if you prefer) marries perfectly with crispy bits of carrot, cucumber and a few sprigs of cilantro.

Along those lines, Bradley said she is trying to make everything a little exotic; the menu also offers wasabi dipping sauce and curry ketchup to accompa­ny their beloved pommes frites.

Without the cost of “rent, servers and white table­cloths,” the O Street Truck is able to offer such cuisine at affordable prices. The food truck has also cut costs by using compostable and recyclable plates and uten­sils.

Likewise, the food supply is locally sourced.

“I believe in it,” said Bradley, explaining that fresh produce, meat and bread from nearby Santa Barbara, Oxnard and Ventura are cost effective and beneficial to the local community.

Food trucks are surfacing as a trend across the na­tion, a potential consequence of the recession. Bradley thinks the O Street Truck offers what people want: “really good mobile food on wheels.”

With a dense population of college students, Isla Vista houses the “perfect demographic” for the food truck’s success.

“We’re really excited about coming out to I.V.,” said Bradley. And with a positive reception, the O Street Truck looks to further frequent Isla Vista in the fall.