Associated Students Legislative Council instated an expansion of the A.S. Emergency Loan program during last night’s final meeting before government turnovers.

The council officially placed the newly created UCSB Community Financial Fund — a student loan program approved as a new fee during this year’s Spring Elections — into the association’s by-laws. Additionally, the council approved a request of $459 to fund a week-long advertisement in the Santa Barbara Independent publicizing the May 26 event “The Alternative: Bringing Power to Our Voices,” which will take place during College Republicans’ David Horowitz lecture.

Off-Campus Representative Stanley Tzankov said the event aims to appease students concerned about the controversial message behind Horowitz’s speech.

“He has decades of experience of twisting your words and forcing you to say something,” Tzankov said. “It’s just not a healthy space for dialogue. We didn’t want to work in his space but created an alternative event where we will have a healthy space for dialogue.”

On-Campus Representative Joe Lee, however, said scheduling the speeches at separate times would allow students to attend both lectures and provide more balanced arguments.

“I feel like it would be effective if you see the event first and have a reactive event to that,” Lee said. “We don’t know what’s going to be happening there. Maybe if you have it before or after, students who are attending David Horowitz will have an opportunity to attend this event.”

Despite Lee’s suggestion the forum was not rescheduled and is slated to take place during Horowitz’s speech.

The council also discussed a Bill to Restructure Queer Commission that proposed additional unfunded positions on the committee to further gender education efforts on campus.

University-Owned Housing Representative Alfredo Del Cid said the legislation would provide vital resources to ensure equality on campus.

“We created the first Queer Alumni Network, which is a branch of the Alumni Association, specifically for queer alumni,” Del Cid said. “We’re just making sure that’s established and institutionalized within the positions so it can sustain itself. This also creates a position for transfer students as a way for someone who’s new to the community to get involved.”

However, a significant amount of debate arose over the intricacies of the bill’s language including references to the gender identity “genderfuck.”

As of press time, the council tabled the bill until after discussions on old business, leaving the genderfuck issue unresolved.