The Associated Students Finance Board allotted $4,360 to five student organizations during last night’s one-hour meeting.

The board fully funded the Muslim Student Association and the Office of the Internal Vice President while partially funding Sigma Chi Omega, UCSB Surf Team and Arts & Lecture’s “Salud!”. The board decided to redistribute funds set aside for culture weeks and graduation into the Spring unallocated budget, bringing the total allocations to $13,159.

Spring Quarter’s unallocated budget currently has $8,800 remaining for distribution.

The MSA requested funding for a collaborative Anti-Hate Workshop on May 26, concurrent with the College Republicans’ David Horowitz lecture. The event aims to decrease discrimination against minority groups and focus on creating a positive environment in which students can discuss ways to increase tolerance on campus.

MSA co-president Ameer Shakour, a third-year Middle Eastern studies major, said the event represents a concerted effort to address prejudice toward every type of discriminated group.

“We are forming a coalition with about 15 other organizations such as MSA, Human Rights Group, Armenian Student Association and many others,” Shakour said. “The event is about stereotypes that are still alive against Muslims, African Americans, women — you name it. I think this is a good route for us to take for in all coming together to make an event.”

The board eventually fully funded the MSA in the amount of $640.

According to Finance Board Chair Katie Lieberknecht, last week’s decision to not fund College Republicans was overruled by A.S. Legislative Council because the request’s denial was based on Horowitz’s controversial views, which is against A.S. Legal Code.

However, Lieberknecht said she was glad an event is being organized to counter the lecture.

“I think it’s great that within a period of five days, MSA constructed an event to occur the same day, across the street, in opposition of the event,” Lieberknecht said.

UCSB Surf Team requested $330 to hold a film screening this Saturday in I.V. Theater as a fundraiser to help defend their National Scholastic Surfing Association championship title in June. As the board has set a precedent of not allotting money for fundraisers, there was contention amongst the members about whether to fund the group.

Finance board member Ahmed Naguib said the use of a one-time exception to this rule must be granted by the board.

“Every time it’s a one-time exception, it’s the discretion of the board as to whether that group gets to use that exception,” Naguib said. “I think we should fund the group and use their one-time exception on their behalf because it is our decision.”

Finance board member Raul Martinez said funding the group would be unfair to other organizations that have requested money for their own fundraisers.

“I don’t know if we should be funding this because I do think it’s a great thing to finance sports teams to then go and fundraise so they can defend their titles,” Martinez said. “However, we don’t give that option to nonathletic groups, so it doesn’t seem fair.”

The board ultimately decided to allocate $270 to UCSB Surf Team.