The Associated Students Finance Board allotted $13,452 to 10 student organizations during last night’s three-hour meeting.

The board fully funded the UCSB Playwright’s Circle, UCSB Kirtan Yoga, Sociology Association, Isla Vista Outreach and Armenian Student Association while partially funding UCSB Student Veteran Organization, Santa Barbara Hillel, Taiwanese Student Association, Alpha Phi and Khmer Student Association.

The committee denied College Republicans’ request for $2,000 to host an event due to the controversial reputation of its proposed speaker. Only $1,567 remains in the unallocated Spring Quarter budget.

Following a lengthy debate, the organization deemed funding for the College Republicans’ event, featuring David Horowitz, an inappropriate use of student funds.

Finance board member Ahmed Naguib recalled Horowitz’s offensive and discriminatory behavior during his last visit to campus three years ago when he accused the Muslim Students Association of being affiliated with al-Qaeda and likened Muslims to Nazis.

“As a member of Muslim Student Association, I’m familiar with the comments that Horowitz has made,” Naguib said. “He incites hate and makes students feel very uncomfortable. I agree that people have the right to freedom of speech, but I don’t believe he has that right if it’s threatening students’ safety. He made several racist remarks about Arabs and accused people of terrorism last time he visited.”

Alpha Phi sorority requested funding for their annual volleyball tournament, Phi Ball, as well as a male beauty pageant scheduled during Phi Week. The tournament will be open to all students and proceeds from both events will fund the sorority’s philanthropic Alpha Phi Foundation, which supports heart health for women and Isla Vista Recreation and Park District’s restoration of Greek Park.

Alpha Phi’s Vice President of Marketing Danni Larsen, a second-year economics and accounting major, said supporting Greek Park’s restoration is essential as it has suffered from lack of financial support in recent years.

“Greeks used to fund Greek Park and they haven’t been for several years,” Larsen said. “We’re trying to get that started up again so Greek Park can be maintained and be a place that everyone can enjoy.”

The board eventually allotted $3,742 to Alpha Phi.

Santa Barbara Hillel requested funding for their annual open banquet to honor those who helped organize the group’s events this year.

SB Hillel Treasurer Danny Fischer, a fourth-year biopsychology major, said the banquet will act as a tribute to the organization’s leaders.

“This is a way to celebrate all the events we had throughout the year and thank those who contributed to the success of our events,” Fischer said. “We’ll be doing candlelight ceremonies and the event will be ‘Bar Mitzvah’ themed.”

The board ultimately allocated $350 to Santa Barbara Hillel.