UC Los Angeles’ Kappa Alpha Theta dominated UCSB’s eighth annual All Sorority Volleyball Tournament fundraiser on Saturday, dethroning last year’s UCSB champions Kappa Kappa Gamma.

Nearly 2,700 people gathered at East Beach in downtown Santa Barbara to watch 23 sorority teams from UCSB, UC Davis, UCLA and UC Berkeley contend for the competition’s top spot. All proceeds from the event — organized by UCSB’s Alpha Tau Omega — will be donated to Santa Barbara Channelkeeper and the Surfrider Foundation’s Santa Barbara chapter.

As of press time, representatives from ATO had not calculated how much money was raised by the event. The fundraiser featured musical performances by DJ Reza, Sabatage, DJ Mackle and Steve Zelaya, The Fire Department and Winchester Rebels.

ATO Social Internal Chair and ASVT Event Chair Colin Cadarette said his fraternity modeled this weekend’s tournament after well-attended events from years past.

“ASVT was a huge success this year and everything went off more or less without a hitch; there were a few roadblocks but no potholes so it went off smoothly,” Cadarette said. “We had all of our local bands play — they were bringing down the house.”

ATO held the first tournament in Isla Vista in 2003, but complaints of public disturbances and alcohol violations forced them to relocate the event to Santa Barbara’s East Beach five years ago. Cadarette said students organized this year’s competition on their own after the now-defunct company Twiin Productions — which previously helped administer the event — filed for bankruptcy last year.

Cadarette said the competition aimed to include non-Greek community members and also featured non-sorority teams.

“This year there was an extremely strong emphasis on the local community. There were local bands playing, there were local sororities that were in the tournament and the focus was absolutely on making Gauchos at UCSB stoked more then anything, and I definitely think we accomplished that goal,” Cadarette said. “We definitely managed to raise a good amount of money for Santa Barbara Surfrider and Santa Barbara Channelkeeper, so all in all it was a great event.”

Mckinlay Stone, a second-year anthropology major at Santa Barbara City College, said the tournament successfully incorporated participants from outside the university’s Greek life.

“I thought it would only be fun if you were in a sorority, but I wanted to come and check out all the music and food,” Stone said. “The event is way more fun then I originally thought and is a great way for people to become involved with the community and hang out with students from my own school, UCSB and other schools as well.”

The competition also included free transportation between Greek Park and East Beach for attendees.

Third-year sociology major Skyler Paul, a first-time attendee, said she plans on returning again next year.

“I think the free transportation is a great idea specifically for this event because it not only allows people to be able to drink and not drive, but provides an easy way for more people to get to the event and not deal with the crowds and parking,” Paul said. “It’s really cool to be able to watch my team play, go get delicious food and listen to great music.”

Third-year UCLA student Molly Mahony said she drove up for the weekend to support her sorority in the tournament.

“I am so excited to be able to drive to such a close area and root for my Theta girls and have a great day filled with fun and sun at the beach,” Mahony said. “It seems like a really great way to not only raise money and awareness for a good cause but to also put on an event where people can come from different schools and have a great time.”