Isla Vista’s seventh annual Chilla Vista festival took place at Ansiq’ Oyo’ and People’s Parks yesterday, providing locals with an afternoon of live music and environmentally minded entertainment.

The event — organized by Associated Students Program Board, the Isla Vista Community Relations Committee and the External Vice President for Local Affairs — featured booths run by nearly 40 local organizations and various activities including painting, bracelet-making and juggling. L.A.-based rap group People Under the Stairs, in addition to eight local bands, performed throughout the festival on two solar-powered stages.


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Chilla Vista drew crowds to Anisq’ Oyo’ and People’s Parks this Sunday. The annual festival celebrated Isla Vista culture and promoted sustainability with booths from 38 community and student-run organizations, such as Ban the Bag, community art projects and two stages for live music.

Fourth-year global studies major Juliet Taylor said the event’s emphasis on local organizations called attention to Isla Vista’s talented student population.

“It is really fun; it is cool to see everyone in the community out doing something not for profit,” Taylor said. “I didn’t realize we had so much local talent.”

David Bahr, a fourth-year political science major, said Chilla Vista provided a relaxed performance space for local artists and musicians while serving as a respite from Isla Vista’s typical ragers.

“Chilla Vista is a time — a special time,” Bahr said. “It is at that time that all of I.V. congregates in quasi-sobriety. Promoting the arts is just what we need.”

In addition to activity booths, the fair included a farmers’ market and a canvas for students to paint and

later display in Davidson Library.

EVPLA Cori Lantz, a fourth-year political science major, said the community was extremely receptive to participating groups’ messages.

“I think seeing this many organizations come out and support this event has been awesome,” Lantz said. “It is fun to see people positively interacting in the community and being proud of what their student government is doing … This is one of the few days where you can table and people actually listen.”

External Co-Chair of Isla Vista Community Relations Committee Megan Shumate, a second-year psychology major, said the festival included a number of features to promote environmentally friendly practices.

“What’s cool is that the stage in People’s Park was powered by solar panels,” Shumate said.

Alex Kahishev, a fourth-year communication major, said the event consistently delivers a uniquely intimate experience.

“I came out last year and had a really good time,” Kahishev said. “It is a small-scale event, which is perfect. I found out about a lot of really good bands.”

The festival’s local musical guests included WillieJ, Naked Walrus, DJ Yooj, Sand Section and Finger Folk.

Shumate said the activities highlighted the community’s student-based culture.

“I loved watching everyone have fun,” Schumate said. “There was a constant flow of people all day. It was just a great day, full of a lot of activities and fun.”