Whether you were born in America or immigrated here, you live in one of the greatest societies mankind has ever devised. It was established to nurture and promote the individual’s self-evident, inalienable rights given by God — not government. But today we’re looking into a chasm. The Constitution’s guidelines have been breached repeatedly in various ways. The individual has become of little consequence to the whims and social engineering of the Progressive Movement, all promoted in the name of the “public good.” A government that was supposed to be limited and docile is consuming American society.

Thank God for Paul Ryan.

Paul Ryan has thrown down the gauntlet and put his neck on the line. His budget proposal is comprehensive and strategic. It addresses the root causes of our fiscal ills and fulfils President Obama’s campaign promises of limiting spending, addressing entitlement reform and reducing the deficit. It’s an attempt to save this nation from the fiscal disaster that looms over the cliff if the spendaholics like Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barbara Boxer, Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Anthony Weiner — among others if democrats and spineless republicans — get their way. It’s clear to fiscal experts and rational human beings that if we don’t change course, our society will follow the Roman and British Empires and collapse. This budget is exactly what the nation needs to stop its freefall into decline and prevent a historic loss of liberty — first in countless different ways, then all at once.

Paul Ryan’s budget reduces deficits by $4.4 trillion compared to the president’s budget over the next decade. It surpasses the president’s pathetic benchmark of sustainability, which his own budget fails to meet, by reaching primary balance in 2015. Moreover, it pays off the debt. When the budget was proposed, the jackals of the left went on attack, saying we can’t live as free individuals. According to them, our society will perish without more intrusive, more expensive and more controlling government. If you listen to the left, you’ll be led to believe that no one will have food, health care or education, and you’ll be in the soup line.

The leftists in Washington don’t think we can carry on without them telling us what to do, and how and when to do it. The fact is even if this budget is passed, with all the cuts it calls for, the federal government will still be too big and expensive, just less so. If you listen to Nancy Pelosi (who failed to pass a budget, even though her party controlled both legislative bodies and the White House), you’d be left with the impression the government would cease to exist.

Through all of this, the mainstream media’s double standard has never been clearer. When Sarah Palin made reference to the boards at Human Health Services and the bureaucracy who will decide which drugs and treatments are available as “death panels,” she was called “uncivil,” a hate monger and a fraud. These rationing boards will exist, because they already do for the millions on Medicare, Medicaid and Veterans. But when democrats describe the budget as “a path to poverty that passes like a tornado through America’s nursing homes,” and claim it will kill 70,000 children and will force grandma and grandpa to get used to Kibbles ‘n Bits dog food, the media covers their flank. Where is the outcry for the accurate rhetoric they were so keen to hold Palin accountable for?

The problems we face today aren’t between rich and poor, or between any other factors politicians would use to divide us. Rather, the battle lines are between those who treasure our society and those who do not, those who value liberty and those who do not. It’s between those who cherish the Constitution and those who seek to pervert it. This is a battle over freedom, to save our society from a government our founders never intended.

Do you want to be free and live under the Constitution, or do you not? Do you believe it’s worth fighting for and getting behind a statesman who has the courage to stand up for fiscal sanity, or are you going to sit on the sidelines and watch our magnificent society crumble? I’m in for the long fight; I just hope the likes of John Boehner are as well.

Daily Nexus conservative columnist Ben Parish is tipping his hat to Paul Ryan.