Associated Students Legislative Council approved the ballot for the student body Spring Elections during last night’s seven- hour meeting.

The council also voted to maintain the policies of a Memorandum of Understanding that A.S. and other campus groups estab- lished in 2009 to tax lock-in fees. The memo- randum was established between A.S., the Academic Senate, Student Affairs and the office of the executive vice chancellor two years ago.

After a lengthy debate, the Council approved new lock-in measures for CollegeBound, Transportation & Parking Services, La Cumbre Yearbook and UCSB Community Financial Fund for the spring ballot.

Off-Campus Representative Fabian Gallado said the UCSB Community Financial Fund would function as a credit union for students on campus. “We’re creating this lock-in to expand upon the current UCSB A.S. loan service,” Gallado said. “One of the things this is trying to do is to create a fund for students to use. We want to educate students on loans and credit and get beyond need-based grants.”

Although the structure of the program has not been finalized, Off-Campus Representative Stanley Tzankov said regulations will be placed on loans.

“If you’re loaning out like $2,000 then you are going to want to make sure the student can pay it back,” Tzankov said. “If this goes through, we have four weeks to finalize this as Leg Council.”

The Council also considered restructuring the current A.S. Constitution.

Representative-at-Large Chloe Stryker said, among other amendments, the pro- posed constitution would change the titles of representatives to senators.

“If this passes, [Internal Vice President] Jake [Elwood] would immediately create a committee to start working on everything that would be affected by this bill,” Stryker said. “We wanted to change representative titles to reflect the colleges on campus.”