The Associated Students Finance Board allotted $62,757 to 22 student organizations during last night’s six-hour meeting.

The Black Student Union, Black Graduation Committee and Persian Student Group all requested funding from the Culture Weeks and Graduation budget for upcoming events. Over $64,200 remains in the current Spring Quarter unallocated fund and $21,388 is left in the CWG budget.

BSU requested $6,973 for a diversity week in May, Persian Student Group sought $6,600 for their annual Middle Eastern cultural awareness week in the same month and Black Graduation Committee requested $18,150 for a separate, additional graduation ceremony in June.

The board discussed whether the CWG budget, which stood at $43,900 at the beginning of the meeting, should be distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis or rationed with future groups in mind.

Board member Safa Lele argued for the gradual distribution of funds from the CWG budget.

“There are going to be three or four more groups this year that will ask for funding for culture weeks and graduation events because it’s a typical staple for us to have roughly that many groups every year requesting funding,” Lele said. “We should fund groups, but with restrictions so that we can still have money for groups that will ask in the future.”

However, Finance Board Chair Katie Lieberknecht said A.S. should maintain the procedure outlined in its Legal Code.

“We don’t know what groups will be coming in the future and the legal code says ‘first-come, first-serve’ should be the policy during allocation so I think we should maintain a first-come, first-serve basis on funding,” Lieberknecht said.

The board ultimately decided to act on a first-come, first-serve basis when portioning funds from the CWG budget.

Additionally, the board discussed whether to fund decorations for events, having originally set a precedent not to fund decorative aspects of events.

Board member Ahmed Naguib said the board needs to allot its funds sparingly.

“If we’re trying to be fiscally responsible I think that allocating for decorations is irresponsible,” Naguib said. “I think that such an allocation is unnecessary and not something we, as a board, should be spending our money on.”

Members decided not to fund any decorations and apportioned $5,891 to the BSU, $4,900 to Persian Student Group and $8,385 to Black Graduation Committee from the CWG budget.

Overall, the board fully funded CalPIRG and Alternative United States last night, while partially funding organizations including the UC Haiti Initiative, Communication Association, Black Student Union, Art History Graduate Student Association, Swing and Ballroom Dance Club at UCSB, Persian Student Group, Black Graduation Committee and the Armenian Student Association.