Time will spring forward an hour for daylight savings on March 13.

Just in case you thought you were on top of your finals, the time change means that all clocks should be set forward one hour on Saturday night. According to a press release from the Santa Barbara City Fire Department and Office of Emergency Services, daylight savings is an opportune time to conduct semi-annual home and safety maintenance.

The SBFD and OES recommend carrying out a simple list of household tasks every six months.  On top of checking and replacing faulty batteries, any smoke alarms older than ten years and any carbon monoxide detectors older than five years should be replaced altogether. Responsible bi-annual home checkups also include maintaining a home disaster kit—water, food, flashlights, spare batteries and blankets—and checking the home and outbuildings for hazardous materials.

Working smoke detectors can decrease the risk of death in a house fire by close to 50 percent according to the SBFD. Of the 82 percent of American homes with smoke detectors, nearly one-third do not work due to a lack of fresh batteries. So change your clocks, clean up flammable materials, check your smoke and CO alarms, and ace those finals knowing your home is statistically safer from disaster.