The Associated Students Finance Board distributed $21,204 to 14 student organizations during last night’s three-hour meeting.

The board fully funded Alpha Phi Alpha, UCSB Crew, Santa Barbara Investment Association, Health Professions Association, UCSB women’s club water polo, Kapatirang Pilipino and Women’s Ensemble Theater Troupe. They also partially funded the Film Studio, Native American Indigenous Languages Study Group, Active Minds, A.S. Human Rights Board, Pacific Islanders Student Association, Muslim Student Association and Chabad.

Because less than $2,700 remains in this quarter’s unallocated budget, the board will continue to use the Spring Quarter’s unallocated budget to fund the remainder of this quarter’s requests.

Alpha Phi Alpha sought funding for “Speaking OwtLoud” — a public speaking event that will be held today at the MultiCultural Center to help students develop orating skills.

The allocation spurred a heated debate because the fraternity appealed for funding the night before their scheduled program.

Although some council members thought the request was retroactive, board member Tyler Smith said the judgment error should be disregarded because the event is valuable to UCSB students.

“It’s more important to fund a program that will give students a benefit than to withhold funding just because the funding was asked for last minute,” Smith said. “A program designed to promote speaking skills for students should receive funding because it would provide a benefit to the student body.”

The board ultimately allocated $80 to the fraternity.

Additionally, UCSB Crew requested financial support to subsidize a two-day rowing invitational championship in Gainsville, Ga. Aside from cutting the attendance cost for each rower by $100, the sum would also help send 75 rowers from the men’s and women’s teams to the competition.

Finance board chair Katie Lieberknecht said the board should grant the sizeable request because more than one team will benefit from the allotment.

“We’ll grant the rowing team a one-time exception for funding because the two teams share a joint account,” Lieberknecht said. “We normally don’t finance that much money to any particular account, but because they’re a joint team and they’re not interchangeable, we will finance them.”

The board distributed $6,000 to UCSB Crew from the Sports Club budget.