Dear Nexus,

This letter is in response to the Feb. 2 Wednesday Hump on blow jobs. I understand that college is an institution where our minds need to be open, but the sex column published last week does not fit that category and adds no moral value to the university’s public discourse. I thought that it was vulgar and disrespectful to women, and it’s hard for me to believe that the chief editor, college president and the parents of UCSB students would approve of such an article. Such moral laxity indicates no ability to navigate through society within some kinds of boundaries.

As a parent, I am paying for my children to get an education related to their future careers. I am a realist about life and college behavior, but these articles go outside the bounds of civil behavior: They encourage students to have no regard for anyone than themselves. I would expect the Nexus to be more inclusive of others and not dismissive of those who will be offended. Flaunting the freedom to be vulgar indicates a lack of this maturity.

I believe our children can best be served by having newspaper articles that cover the truth. What about discussing the consequences of the actions that you are encouraging them to behave in