The Associated Students Finance Board distributed $52,760 to 21 student organizations during last night’s four-hour meeting.

The board fully funded the Wellness Interns, Los Ingenieros, Cotillion Dance Club, Engineers Without Borders, FeelGood Santa Barbara, Theta Nu Kappa, Pacific Islander Student Association, Lambda Theta Nu, Anime Club and National Pan-Hellenic Council. Of those allocations, Los Ingenieros received $14,550 to fund the 12th annual Science and Technology Mathematics Engineering Sciences Achievement Day, while A.S. Environmental Affairs Board was granted $6,750 to send 10 UCSB students to a climate change conference in Washington, D.C. for four days in April.

Approximately $26,520 remains in this quarter’s unallocated budget.

Hermanos Unidos and Sigma Alpha Zeta were among the organizations that presented last night, requesting support for the College Link Outreach Program. The event invites 120 students from 13 Los Angeles area high schools to campus to encourage their pursuit of higher education.

Alex Munoz, an undeclared second-year, said the program will provide resources to students who are uninformed about college opportunities.

“Many students don’t have the resources they need to go to college,” Munoz said. “That’s the reality for many students in L.A. A lot of students don’t even know what the A-G requirements are. We ask them and they look at us with a blank face.”

Finance Board member Marcus Rochelle said it would be excessive to buy tote bags for the event.

“I don’t think we need to pay for their totes,” Rochelle said. “I’m sure they’ll bring backpacks or they can be advised to bring backpacks. I think we’d be able to get more bang for our buck and save for allocations if we didn’t fund their totes.”

The board ultimately distributed $4,120 to the organizations.

Wellness Interns received full funding to distribute t-shirts, bike stickers, flowers and candy on Feb. 22 in hopes of encouraging acts of kindness.

Intern Sarah Cammann, a third-year psychology major, said the event will improve student health and the campus environment.

“We’re celebrating Random Acts of Kindness because it’s been proven that doing good deeds for yourself and others is good for your health and for the community,” Cammann said. “Students doing good deeds for each other will just create an all-around better campus.”