The Associated Students Legislative Council addressed several issues during last night’s three-hour meeting.

The council decided to fund a philanthropy event sponsored by Lambda Theta Alpha and Lambda Theta Phi. Additionally, the board discussed potentially videotaping council meetings, Governor Jerry Brown’s proposed 2011-2012 budget and efforts to create a student-run cooperative café in Isla Vista.

Lambda Theta Alpha and Lambda Theta Phi members John Salas and Lidia Rivas, respectively, requested $1,350 to fund t-shirts and food for an upcoming event encouraging low-income high school students to pursue higher education.

Rivas and Salas said UCSB sociology assistant professor Victor Rios agreed to speak at the event for free if organizers bought a copy of one of his books for each participant.

However, A.S. Executive Director Marisela Marquez said the arrangement would violate University policy.

“UC faculty cannot be paid for speaking anywhere in the UC,” Marquez said.

After reviewing its budget records, A.S. Finance Board Chair Katie Lieberknecht discovered that the association had already funded the group $1,100 in November. The council eventually allotted an additional $500 for food and $168 to donate eight of Rios’ textbooks to the four participating high school libraries.

Furthermore, Off-Campus Representative Stanley Tzankov submitted a proposal to record legislative council meetings. Tzankov said the recordings would not only create more transparency within A.S., but also prevent campus media outlets from misquoting council members.

However, Off-Campus Representative Jason Lopez said recording meetings could deter council members from voicing their opinions.

To avoid calling attention to closed meetings, Tzankov said the council could post recordings after the meetings in lieu of releasing a live feed.

“Last year there were … issues that came up and we had to go into a closed meeting and so I don’t know if a live feed is the way to go,” Tzankov said.

According to University-Owned Housing Representative Alfredo Del Cid, recording meetings could make the council more accessible to the student body.

“To us, A.S. is this great thing, but to many students it seems like this exclusive group,” Del Cid said. “[Recording meetings is] definitely better. … Most students don’t want to go through lines of minutes.”

The proposal was ultimately tabled for future consideration.

Additionally, Off-Campus Representative Kaily Burton said the council is considering funding a student-run restaurant at the former site of On The Side on Pardall Road.

Burton said the restaurant, which would be modeled after a similar venture in Berkeley, would sell locally grown organic foods.