The Associated Students Legislative Council acted to establish a new A.S. Isla Vista office space during last night’s meeting.

The workspace, which will be located on Embarcadero del Mar above the I.V. Medical Clinic, will house multiple A.S. Boards, Committees and Commissions and a computer lab for students. The council allotted $3,000 from its special projects fund to contribute to the facility’s rent and utilities.

The project also recently received $24,000 in funding from the Isla Vista Community Relations Committee. External Vice President of Local Affairs Cori Lantz will seek an additional $5,000 from various BCCs and A.S. Finance Board within the next few weeks for the project.

Representative at Large Miles Freeman said the association is in dire need of a new office.

“Last night I walked into the A.S. main office and IVRC was finishing up their meeting and the room was completely packed,” Freeman said. “I think we have the money, we have the funds and we have the opportunity to make a difference. I think it would be a positive influence for the students and I don’t think we’ve seen a better use of money this year.”

Lantz, who spearheaded the project, said the office space will cost $80,000 annually.

“That [cost] includes rent, utilities, operating costs like printing and staffing,” Lantz said. “This is an investment for the betterment of the students and it is a necessity.”
According to Lantz, 15 BCC have already requested space in the complex, six of which don’t have assigned space on campus.

“Speaking on the behalf of BCCs that do not have space, we need it now, like yesterday,” Lantz said. “I really do feel like they’ve been looking for this for a long time.”
Although the office will not officially open until next academic year, Lantz said A.S. could move into the space in six weeks.

University-Owned Housing Representative Alfredo del Cid said the space will benefit both A.S. and the student body as a whole.

“I think the space provides a central location, a home base and having just that location where people can come for information and meetings is great,” del Cid said.