When the worst team in playoff history knocks out the defending Superbowl Champions it makes for an interesting storyline. However, the story stops this Sunday as Seattle’s magic is going to run out against Da Bears. Chi-town is simply a better team. Jay Cutler is having a solid season, throwing for 23 touchdowns against just 16 interceptions, while Matt Forte posted a 1,000-yard rushing season again. Seattle must try to contain the “electrifying” Devin Hester, who is as fast in real life as he is in Madden. Chicago’s key to success, though, relies on its defense’s ability to stop the “stupid fast” Marshawn Lynch.

“Beast Mode” had a solid performance in last week’s playoff game, running for 131 yards last week over 19 carries against the Saints. He stole the show with his 67-yard touchdown run, where he broke six tackles and had an incredible stiff-arm that was downright legend… wait for it … dary, and will be on the highlight reel for years to come. However, he is the only real offensive threat on an otherwise subpar playoff team. Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck had the game of his life, throwing four touchdowns against the Saints. However, Hasselbeck threw only 12 touchdown passes all season to go with 17 interceptions. The odds of Hasselbeck replicating his wildcard performance are lower than the chance of him being struck by lighting again*. The Bears win this game, booking their ticket to the NFC Championship game.

Prediction: Bears over Seahawks, 20-14

*Hasselbeck has been struck by lighting twice, escaping with minor injuries both times.