The Santa Barbara based Transition House is partnering with (805) Deli for the third year in a row to offer their week-long buy one, donate one benefit for needy families.

No donation is required on the customer’s part; the (805) Deli will credit one sandwich to the Transition House for each sandwich sold throughout the week of Thanksgiving. A family-oriented homeless shelter established in the county in 1984, Transition House provides emergency shelter, job opportunities and more permanent housing through a three-month process. The (805) Deli is a Santa Barbara sandwich shop and catering business owned and run by Todd and Anne Pazier.

“People love the fact that when you stop them, racing in for lunch … that by buying their lunch they donated a lunch for a family in need,” Pazier said. “It feels better than just putting money in a can.”

The fundraiser directly supports the emergency shelter facility on Ortega Street, where families stay for up to 120 days before moving to another lodging facility for up to six months. Families that stay for the first two phases are then introduced into more permanent housing. During each step, the Transition House provides everything from financial advising to referrals to rehabilitation clinics and support groups to finding suitable clothes for job interviews.

Pazier described a recent experience where a woman heard about the program and came in to purchase a sandwich even though she had already eaten, so that both her purchase and the donated sandwich would be applied to the Transition House’s credit.

The Transition House simply subtracts their sandwich orders from their Deli credit.

“We really enjoy the day that they call up and order 60 sandwiches which we get to make and bring down,” Pazier said. “There’s something so gratifying about helping to feed people.”

According to Transition House Grants Manager Christienne Durbin, local businesses are an important ally for the Transition House and other nonprofits.

“They have a wealth of resources that can help,” said Durbin. “The businesses are the ones that have the know-how, information and financial resources. These relationships allow us to continue to collaborate with businesses and individuals so we can continue to provide the emergency shelter and anti-poverty services so that families can get out of homelessness, which is the ultimate goal.”

The Transition House welcomes volunteers, although it does not have the capabilities to support large numbers like sports teams or Greek philanthropy groups.

Those wishing to assist the Transition House directly can contact Jett Black via e-mail at