The Storke Tower carillon bells were reset yesterday after chiming at the wrong time for nearly a week-and-a-half.

A computer glitch has caused the bells to toll an hour late every hour since Daylight Savings on Nov. 7. While UCSB’s Physical Facilities Dept. usually adjusts the time a week before the biannual event, a computer error stalled this year’s reprogramming efforts.

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A computer glitch is to blame for the mistimed bell chimes of Storke Tower, which have been tolling an hour late since Daylight Savings on Nov. 7. The bells were reprogrammed yesterday.

According to Physical Facilities Director Jackie Treadway, the reprogramming process usually runs smoothly.

“Our procedure is to reprogram the bells one week before the time change,” Treadway said in an e-mail. “One of our electricians did conduct that reset, but for some reason it did not work.”

David Pereira, a third-year biochemistry and math double major who was enrolled in UCSB’s carillon music course — Music 24 — last year, said he was perplexed when he first realized the tower was communicating the incorrect time.

“The bells work by an automated process,” he said. “There is a computer at the top of the tower that controls when the bells are played.”

According to Pereira, the tower experienced technical difficulties for a lengthy period of time last year as well.

The cause of the computer malfunction and reason for the delayed university response was unknown as of press time.