The Associated Students Legislative Council discussed the addition of a skateboard lane in front of Buchanan Hall, the upcoming Students of Color Conference and the Minimum Cumulative Progress mandate during Wednesday’s meeting.

Although funding has been approved for the new skateboard lane, council members questioned whether the new campus feature would improve the safety of foot traffic.

Co-representative of the skateboarding committee Jose Magana, a fourth-year political science major, said funding was approved in exchange for banning skateboarding in front of the UCen.

“I’m really against the banning because it allows the possibility of banning skateboarding from other areas on campus,” Magana said.

Magana said the new lane will cost about $8,000, but none of it would come from A.S. funds.

Representative-at-Large Danielle Mayorga said an additional lane would be an important safety feature on campus and is worth the concession.

“I think it’s important as a concerned walking pedestrian that the area from the Chemistry building to Buchanan is the most dangerous with skateboarders swerving in and out,” Mayorga said. “I think it is important to make our entire campus safe for those skateboarding and walking.”

When discussing the Students of Color Conference, second-year Middle East studies and sociology major Noor Aljawad brought up a survey conducted by sociology professor Richard Flacks. Aljawad said the study, which was based on responses from approximately 60 students, is an example of both racist attitudes on campus and the value of the Students of Color Conference.

“Some of the comments included ‘too many Mexicans on campus’ and ‘Arabs: they are brown, smelly and everywhere,’” Aljawad said. “These comments could result in mental and physical trauma. This is why events like the Students of Color Conference are so important.”

In regards to MCP, A.S. President Paul Monge-Rodriguez said he is working alongside Representative-at-Large Chloe Stryker to clear up the confusion about whether the provision will still apply next quarter.

“We are still unsure if MCP is still active,” Monge-Rodriguez said. “Chloe is meeting with Mary Nisbet the Dean of the College of Letters & Science to see where this is in light of the budget issues.”