College students are the most plugged in people when it comes to technology. Now it’s time to make them the most plugged in when it comes to politics.

The story of American political history is the process of gradually bringing more people into the voting booth over time. When the founding fathers created our country, they gave the right to vote to men. The aftermath of the Civil War brought African-Americans into the process. The Suffrage Movement of the early 20th century enfranchised women. The Civil Rights Movement increased voter participation by ending poll taxes and Jim Crow laws. In more recent years, we’ve seen the Motor Voter Law allow people to register to vote when they register to drive.

All these steps have been important ones on the road to greater voter participation. But now, AT&T and Politics-360 are taking voting into the 21st century. We’re proud to launch VoterHub, which is an iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch application that offers a series of tools to help people get informed about voting and get to the voting booth. We believe it will have a special impact on one demographic that still doesn’t vote as much as other groups: college students. Since young people are the most tech-savvy, we believe this app will help get more college people registered and voting.

The first tool is an online registration form. While it’s too late to help people register for this election, in future elections, college students can log onto this app, fill out the form to register and send it in online.

That simple. That easy.

The second tool is a polling location device. Just like you use the GPS on your iPhone to find a restaurant or a movie theater, the new VoterHub will allow you to find the nearest polling location. You can then just follow the directions on your app as you drive to the voting booth. You don’t have to wonder anymore about where to vote; you just look it up on your app.

Third, VoterHub offers a series of tools to help inform college voters about election procedures and election candidates. VoterHub offers vital information about early voting or absentee voting. These are procedures that are available to all citizens but that young people often don’t take advantage of. Early voting usually starts a couple of weeks before Election Day and gives folks the chance to beat the crowds and vote early. VoterHub will show you how to do it. And absentee balloting helps folks who are out of town vote long distance. Again, VoterHub will have all the details on it.

VoterHub goes one step further than just showing you how to vote: it also offers useful information about who you are voting for. Users can find brief bios on candidates for elections from Congress to governor to the legislature.

Today’s issues in California are too important and the stakes are too high for college students to stay home. Apathy is no longer an option. With a challenging budget and a difficult economy, the decisions that will be made in Washington and Sacramento will impact college students for years to come. That’s all the more reason to download the VoterHub app and engage in the voting process. Learn about the issues. Find out how to vote.  Become part of the process.

If you don’t vote, you don’t have a voice. The VoterHub app is your chance to get engaged, get involved and get voting.