This choice seems like a cliché, I know. But this film, about a little girl who gets possessed by the devil, is the perfect horror film. You see, when horror deals with the supernatural, it only really works if the whole world around the supernatural is believable, so that it feels like it’s something that can actually happen to you. That’s the magic of film, making the unbelievable somehow believable. When everything’s over-the-top, or when the characters are stock, one-dimensional stereotypes — or worse, unlikable — it takes investment away from the film, and lessens its impact. We don’t care about the outcome at that point and we’re stuck being aware that we’re watching a movie. Not only is the world of “The Exorcist” a believable one, but the great performances from the girl, the family and the priests ground the film and gives the possession scenes the power and gravitas they deserve. We feel that this can happen in our home, to our family members — and it adds an extra layer to the horror. However, the scene that sticks in my mind isn’t one you’d think of. It isn’t the fake-looking pea soup vomit, or the Disneyland attraction-level spinning head puppet. No, rather it’s the scene where the little girl masturbates with a crucifix — because that shit is straight messed up.