A new online grocery and care package delivery service is seeking to ease students’ transition to dorm life.

Although the company is a new entity in the vast scene of internet conveniences, it has garnered 8,000-10,000 orders thus far for Fall Quarter. Aside from food, students can also order pharmaceuticals, household items, school supplies and health and beauty products.

Owner Chris Sammons said he is not surprised with his company’s success because the delivery service provides a cost-effective alternative to more traditional options.

“I had the same problem most college students currently have — I was tired of the under-stocked and overpriced convenience stores on campus,” Sammons said. “I figured there had to be a better solution and I found out there wasn’t so I began working on Dormzy.”

The site lets shoppers create their own grocery list or choose from a selection of care packages, such as the “Anti-Freshman 15” and “Dormzy Survival Kit.”

While Dormzy seems to cater only to undergraduates, Brooke Lleonart, the company’s office manager and public relations liaison, said anyone can benefit from its services.

“Don’t let the name fool you,” Lleonart said. “We ship to anyone with a door nationwide, usually within one to two business days and with free shipping on orders of $49 or more, which is easy to spend on things you really need.”

Although the site already carries over 800 different products — including some from major companies like Ghirardelli, Tide and Trojan — it plans to expand its inventory to 1,000 items by winter.

However, Sammons said the product selection isn’t fixed and hopes customers will contribute suggestions that cater to their specific needs. Students can e-mail recommendations to contact@dormzy.com.

“We really want it to be driven by feedback, especially [regarding] beauty and health products,” Sammons said. “We’re always looking for cool new products.”

The company gives back to its patrons through the Dormzy entourage program, which allows students who represent Dormzy on campus, via Facebook or e-mail to receive four percent of monthly earnings placed under their individual marketing code.

According to Jamie Ozimek, a fourth-year communication major, Dormzy’s services could simplify her life.

“I’m so busy running around doing stuff all the time that I never have any food at the house,” Ozimek said. “So it’s great that someone can do that all for you.”

Additionally, the company donates one percent of its sales to environmental organizations worldwide.