Thanks to Mother Nature, Santa Barbara weather has stabilized to chilly fall temperatures… which means, dear readers, time to dust off those luxurious coats and tough boots! Though autumnal conditions have not completely kicked into full gear, it never hurts to look into what the near future holds sartorially. Among the never-ending list of this year’s fall trends are a few outstanding rising stars.

This animal print is back and more ferocious than ever! From maxi skirts to full-length coats, no one can miss its roaring uprising. But if you’re still hesitant to embrace the trend with open arms, take baby steps — scarves, ballet flats, eyewear. After all, despite its popularity, leopard print is still an accent, so don’t deck yourself out in head-to-toe print.

[media-credit id=20109 align=”alignleft” width=”127″][/media-credit]Ladylike Chic
From Prada to Louis Vuitton, every designer has shot some dose of ’60s chic up their veins. No, no, don’t think hippie, Vietnam War era; this is the early ’60s, where the ’50s housewife look still prevails. Goodbye mini mini-skirts and hello knee-length hemlines! When achieving this trend, think Mad Men — cigarettes and heaving drinking optional — billowy skirts, bow pumps and classic oxford button-ups (only leave one button undone!). Lace may have been better suited for your grandmother in the past, but this fall, everyone can wear it.

[media-credit name=”Ian Sanders” align=”alignright” width=”250″][/media-credit]Military
The military look has been hiding underground for several seasons now, but designers like Michael Kors and Burberry have revamped this look and branched it out into different areas. From watches to traditional jackets, you can find almost anything in this trend. When paired with feminine pieces, it masculinizes the outfit, giving it a tough-girl look. For starters, opt for simple designs like the unisex Timex Camper Resin Watch (only $50) or Steve Madden Zip-Up Coat ($170). Because this look is all about durability and structure, find investment-worthy pieces… which means, if you buy that olive military jacket from Gossip, they won’t look so militaristic a month from now when they’re shredding.

[media-credit id=20201 align=”alignleft” width=”126″][/media-credit](New and Improved!) Plaid Shirt
It’s time to move on from the flannel craze to its cousin. Newly improved, this plaid-2.0 calls for a more snug fit. This is great for gents who want to wear clothes more fitting for their body types. Big hitters like Dolce & Gabbana and Tommy Hilfiger are paving the way for smaller labels to follow. If you ever get the chance, just try on Tommy Hilfiger’s plaid shirts from his 25th Anniversary Icon Collection. You’ll see the difference in fit for yourself. Lands’ End Canvas has a nice gray and black option for $34.50 if you still want the big label without the big price tag.