I feel like I have the same conversation with everyone over a hundred times a day.  “Hi, I’m Zac. I live in Santa Catalina (let’s call it what it is… FT), in the North Tower, on the ground floor. I’m a biology major and I’m from Newport Beach… what about you?” Unfortunately, as old as that back-and-forth may get, it really is a vital conversation starter for us freshmen.  In that 30-second conversation we find out whether we have anything in common with these people, and from there we find people to hang out with.

[media-credit id=20201 align=”alignleft” width=”250″][/media-credit]As a freshman, I feel as if I can speak for many of us in that we try as hard as we can to not look like freshmen. For instance, the other day I was in the library trying to finish some chemistry summer work.  After I finished up, I decided I would walk around and figure out where all my classes were.  I then went up to the front desk and looked the attendant in the eye and asked, “Can I have a map of the campus?” Never have I felt so much like a noob in my entire life.  But then I remember that we are, in fact, freshmen, which means that we have four more years of this wonderful place.

I have a thing or two to say to all you upperclassmen that run by the dorms and scream, “F@*$ FRESHMAN!!!” It’s OK, if I were an upperclassman, I would want to be a freshman too. We know you’re jealous. You can act as if you’re not, but it is well known that many people wish they could be a freshman in college again. This is the first time (for most of us) we are completely on our own.  This first year is a year we don’t have anyone to tell us what we can and cannot do. Everything — for purpose of this article — is paid for, and we can’t really get in too much trouble. Also, we are a staple of what UCSB is; we are what make this school so unique. So next time when you run by, maybe think about how much you honestly miss being a freshman, and then yell whatever barbaric obscenities you must.