TruTV is currently seeking shocking video clip submissions from college students and paying cash for the shorts that air.

The network will run an episode dedicated to collegiate students on its television series Most Daring and Top 20 Most Shocking. TruTV will license the clips aired on their shows with monetary compensation starting at a few hundred dollars.

According to Nash Entertainment executive producer Debra Weeks, videos with unforeseen mishaps are perfect submissions for both shows.

“Clips have to have a little twist and turn,” Weeks said. “It’s a combination of unexpected caught-on-camera clips. It makes you cringe and it makes you laugh.”

Devon Chapman, a fourth-year global studies major, said UCSB students fit the bill.

“It sounds like they’re looking for videos of things that the majority of students in I.V. have already done,” Chapman said. “It seems like a funny show.”

According to Laughology co-president Matthew Fazio, a fourth-year film major, the group’s members have not yet been featured on TV, but are not opposed to trying it out. Fazio said he is excited that TruTV’s upcoming shows could potentially feature one of his schoolmates.

“If there’s a chance that I know the guy [on the show], that would be hilarious,” Fazio said.

However, Daniela Governatori, a fourth-year global studies major, said the shows will only encourage risky behavior.

“People are going to do stupid things on camera just for the money,” Governatori said. “Sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen.”