The UC Commission on the Future released a report last week featuring the preliminary draft recommendations from its five workgroups.

The UC Commission on the Future is comprised of five workgroups responsible for investigating ways for the University of California to better serve the state: Access and Affordability, Education and Curriculum, Funding Strategies, Research Strategies and Size & Shape of UC. The report discusses the focus groups’ recommendations and outlines the steps necessary to accomplish the set goals.

UCSB’s Chancellor Henry T. Yang, co-chair of the Research Strategies workgroup, said the process is both extensive and collaborative.

“The five workgroups have been working to refine and expand on those initial draft recommendations, and also engaging in a vigorous process of consultation with faculty, students, staff, alumni and the public,” Yang said. “Input from our students is an important part of this process. Both current and future students have a vital stake in UC’s vision for the future, and the University’s continuing commitment to quality, access and affordability.”

Yang also said he has encouraged the Research Strategies workgroup to coordinate efforts in order to “demonstrate the benefits of UC research to our state and nation and advocate at the national level for increased and sustained investment in research.”

Cynthia Brown — the co-chair of the Size & Shape of UC working group and professor of French and Italian at UCSB — said the group has been very productive.

“[The workgroup has] had extensive and very fruitful discussions since November about a range of issues concerning the size and shape of UC,” Brown said in an e-mail. “For example, we have recommended ways that take advantage of the opportunities offered by our 10-campus system, while understanding the importance of maintaining a balance between systemwide and individual campus needs.”

In the wake of budget cuts, Brown said the group’s recommendations will not suggest cutting specific departments.

Omer Harari, a third-year communication major, said he has been directly affected by this matter.

“I think this is something that matters directly to us because this is our University, our state that we live in,” Harari said. “I hope
other students take the time to pay attention and comment on what these recommendations include.”

The next draft of recommendations to the Commission will be presented on June 15 and will be followed by another review by the community and public before the final recommendations are brought to the Regents.

According to Chancellor Yang, student feedback is greatly valued. The draft recommendations can be read and commented on at