The reality is that most UCSB students have been or know someone who has been cited for an alcohol-related offense. Law enforcement’s response should be to issue a citation, or if the person is a danger to him or herself or others, they should be taken to a sobering center.  When those cases are adjudicated, whenever possible, an opportunity to attend an appropriate program should be available and the individual allowed the opportunity to keep the arrest off their record.

On the other hand, while physical and sexual assaults do occur in the campus community, very few UCSB students engage in assaultive behavior. Those who commit assaults must be thoroughly and carefully prosecuted.

As district attorney, I promise to never lose sight of the significance in the differences of those crimes, the perpetrators and the victims or my obligation to you and your families to keep you safe.

As a prosecutor I am thorough in all decisions to file criminal charges.  I know that once charges are filed, they may be with that individual for life and thus it is my responsibility to search for the truth.  My record reflects that diligence, as only once have I had a jury return all not guilty verdicts, and that was 18 years ago.

I attended UCSB as an undergraduate and a graduate student and have been honored by both departments. I am the mother of a recent UCSB graduate and a frequent UCSB lecturer.

I have been a prosecutor for 20 years.  For 10 years before that I was a program administrator and ran two countywide programs, including seven Head Start facilities with a staff of over 100.  For the last 15 years, I have been a college and law school professor and a statewide lecturer in the areas of sexual assault, crimes against children, ethics, arson and hate crimes.

Compared to my opponent, I have more education, experience and community involvement. I have a B.A., M.Ed., M.A., and J.D. My opponent has a B.A and J.D. I have 10 years experience as the program director. My opponent has 119 days. I have extensive community involvement, receiving awards from many organizations including UCSB, county schools, Santa Barbara Rape Crisis Center, Child Abuse Listening & Mediation, Alzheimer’s Association, Boys & Girls Club, Girl Scouts and Girls Inc. My opponent has no such community involvement.

From my interaction with UCSB students over the past 37 years, I have learned that you want your district attorney to be fair, just and concerned about your safety — both on campus and in your campus community. I promise to fulfill that obligation to you. For further information about me, please go to my Web site at or e-mail me directly at

I would be honored to have your vote on June 8. Join my team of supporters and go to my Web site at for more information or visit my Facebook page at