I am Josh Lynn, a Santa Barbara native. I am a prosecutor, not a politician. I graduated from UC Santa Cruz, went to law school in San Diego and moved back to my hometown. As the chief trial deputy at the district attorney’s office I am already doing the job; I supervise all of the South County deputy district attorneys. I have handled nearly every assignment in the office and earned a near-perfect trial record. I am a career prosecutor of over 14 years, and I have handled many of Santa Barbara County’s most complex and high-profile cases including Jesse James Hollywood and multi-defendant gang homicides. As a strong and proven leader, and given my relative youth, I am in a unique position to create change and reunite a divided agency. (My opponent, whom I supervise, is simply a part of the old guard in the office.)

Importantly, I am also the only candidate who has been a longtime gang prosecutor and who served as your acting District Attorney, when called upon to lead our three countywide offices. I am endorsed by Elected District Attorneys Christie Stanley, Tom Sneddon and their managers who led this office for the last 28 years. They are the ones who know what it takes to do the job and hired both candidates.

I have earned that support because of my flawless ethical record and broad experience, from protecting vulnerable victims to convicting murderer Jesse James Hollywood. I am further endorsed by the 500-member Deputy Sheriff’s Association, The Lompoc Police Officers Association, Former Sheriff Jim Thomas and Gang Unit Detectives from the Santa Barbara Police Department, the Mayors of Solvang, Guadalupe and Santa Maria, and leaders like 5th District Supervisor Joe Centeno.

Importantly, I’m the only candidate with leadership experience in the District Attorney’s Office, constructing our $17.4 million budget, staffing every courtroom in the county and working to build good relationships with other law enforcement leaders in our community to protect public safety and spend precious taxpayer money wisely. I will insist, for instance, on a sobering center in Isla Vista. This will save money and keep law enforcement on the street where they can truly protect the safety of our citizens.
I have been involved in the community here for many years. I have taught numerous courses at the Santa Barbara College of Law, volunteered to guide high school mock trial teams and teach other prosecutors and law enforcement about gangs and courtroom presentation. I will continue to use my collaborative skills to work to find solutions to the economic and social issues most pressing to our community.

I will keep our community and schools safe, crack down on gang violence and rural crime, and continue to demand ethics and integrity from prosecutors. I need your support and your vote. Please check the facts about both candidates and visit www.LynnforDA.com.