The 19th annual Reel Loud Festival will bring UCSB producers, directors, musicians and actors together to present their silent films tonight at 8 p.m. in Campbell Hall. Although the “Wonderland”-themed event features only short, silent 16mm films, the festival promises to create plenty of noise with live music and performance accompaniment. The films shown in this year’s festival include “Desert Gold,” “Mute,” “Magician’s Pride,” “I.V. Fairy” and “Eres Tu.”

Festival entries will be judged by the audience and a panel of judges for two respective awards and various prizes.

However, festival director Kim McKeown said the event is more than just a screening of student films.

“We really wanted to create an experience for our guests from the moment they step into Cheadle Plaza to when the festival ends,” McKeown said.

Additionally, participant Melissa Perez, a third-year film & media studies major and director of the film “Mute,” said the event will benefit both competing filmmakers and students who want to immerse themselves in a creative atmosphere.

“I love Reel Loud because everyone gets so excited about it and because it has a really great turnout,” Perez said. “Professors, fellow film majors, family members, actors and musicians all fill up Campbell Hall.”

Fourth-year film & media studies major, former photo editor at the Daily Nexus and director of the film “Desert Gold,” Orlando Giumarra said Reel Loud poses a challenge for contestants in that they must consider the relationship between silent movies and music.

“I think this is great because it forces students to approach narrative in a very different manner,” Giumarra said. “Without dialogue, visual storytelling becomes much more important.”

Giumarra also said the event will be a great opportunity for the school’s filmmakers to reveal their work to the local community.

“I think Reel Loud is a great way for student filmmakers to get recognition within the department, which will ultimately lead to them to working on more films and thus better prepare them for working on professional productions,” Giumarra said.

The event will begin with a tea party at 6:30 p.m. in Cheadle Plaza prior to the actual screening and tickets cost $12 at the door. A portion of the proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to the I.V. Youth Project.