As the United States faces unparalleled budget deficits and insurmountable national debt, conservatism is the only political movement in this nation attempting to reign in spending and control the budget. Candidates who hold true to conservative principals are the only candidates the GOP can afford to elect as the nation’s economic woes continue to worsen without the hope of recovery, as evidenced by the Congressional Budget Office’s prediction of a $1.17 trillion dollar deficit at the end of this year.

The only counteracting force to deficits, debt and big government is conservatism. The country’s long term future is unsustainable if leaders continue to waste money in order to confer abstract rights to citizens. Unfunded liabilities such as Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid have disastrous ramifications if their long term financial health isn’t addressed. The only candidates who will be ideologically committed to long term solutions are conservatives. Republicans who accept liberal premises of societal perfection through coercive state action deserve to lose their seats because they’re bankrupting the nation’s posterity in the name of an impossible task: perfecting mankind. Continued spending by liberal support will be destructive, ensuring new citizens are born with at least $40,000 of debt.  What a great entitlement program.

Moderate Republicans have demonstrated time after time they are incapable of making principled decisions. Although they claim to oppose government spending and government expansion, their stand has been cowardly and pathetic. Whether or not they started out with good intentions or not, too many incumbents look out for their own well-being inside the Washington beltway instead of looking out for the people. They’re comfortable in their government offices and aren’t interested in representing you and me.
Florida Governor Charlie Crist is an example of this phony behavior. After the conservative candidate Marco Rubio began polling higher in the Florida Senate primary, Crist, being the power-hungry punk he is, became an independent. Other Republicans confronted by conservative candidates have begun to move right. John McCain, facing J.D. Hayworth in Arizona is revisiting his summoning the spirit of his Presidential campaign by moving to the Right. Utah incumbent Bob Bennett’s failure to make the primary makes him the first incumbent to suffer defeat at the hands of unimpressed conservatives. The same consequence awaits liberals in November if they continue to neglect the energy in the Tea Party movement.

The 1994 midterm elections shed light on possible outcomes. The GOP takeover was so successful, Democrats are rewriting history and attempting to label Bill Clinton as fiscally conservative. Perhaps they need reminding, too, as he attempted to pass a national heath care plan, which would have caused budget deficits and more debt. Newt Gingrich thinks the GOP can pick up 70 seats while John Boehner thinks up to 100 seats can change hands. Today’s government spending and low congressional approval ratings point to favorable conditions for a return to the nation’s founding principals, the conservative principals that can lead us out of this era of irrational government spending and back to fiscal solvency.