Extravaganza’s most eccentric group left its mark last Saturday, bringing to Harder Stadium a performance that has, over the last year or so, gained an impressive reputation among music fans for being wild, spontaneous and energetic.

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros lived up to their reputation, and brought their vintage, traveling folk band act to the stage in a most crowd-pleasing manner. Playing through a shorter-than-average set list did not shortchange the packed audience, as each song contained enough energy and feel good spirit to charge up the venue.

The 10-piece folk ensemble literally covered the stage with guitars, horns and a variety of eclectic instruments. Singer Alex Ebert ran the show with fellow lead Jade Castrinos, and commanded both vibrant stage presence and impressive musicianship. The band’s presence onstage felt like a traveling folk group from the 1960’s had unwittingly time-traveled to the present and continued their fantasy of a relaxed, fun-filled musical life.

Interaction with the crowd made Ebert an instant crowd pleaser. “Simplest Love” rounded up the audience’s involvement, and set the tone for the ensuing playful dynamic. “Janglin” was also a brilliant performance, and allowed each of the 10 Zeros to showcase their instrumental skills. Edward Sharpe closed out their set with their most recognized hit, “Home,” in a performance that demanded full attention.